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Holiday houses in Wanaka. Choose from a range of stunning Wanaka holiday homes

Kim Stewart
Manager of Lakeview Properties

021 300 926

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My objective is to simplify the renting experience for property owners while maximising their investment returns. Leveraging my deep connection to Wanaka as a local resident, I offer a personalised touch that goes beyond standard property management services. From coordinating cleaning services to conducting regular check-ups, I take care of all the additional tasks that align with the specific needs of each property owner.

My keen understanding of the local market, combined with my unwavering attention to detail, ensures that every property under our care is managed to the highest standards. My bespoke approach means that each property receives tailored solutions designed to meet the unique needs of its owner and occupants.

With my background as an Event Manager, I pride myself on effective communication. Hosting guests, finding tenants, and managing properties I similar to running mini-events, where all my skills and knowledge come into play to ensure everyone is satisfied. 

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