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Seasonal, Medium & Long Term Rental Property Management

Our full management service takes care of every aspect of managing your investment property. From marketing to move out condition inspection we make sure every step of the process is handled professionally and every detail taken care of thoroughly. Through a thorough tenant screening process we find dependable and respectable tenants for the landlord approval. We do our very best to ensure that your property stays rented generating maximum cash flow and mitigating expensive vacancy time.

Our Fees

Lakeview Properties offers a varied fee structure, tailored to accommodate both medium and long-term arrangements, ranging from 6% to 10% + GST, we ensure that your property management needs are met with transparency and fairness.



The rental market is an ever-changing environment.

We are constantly assessing the market to ensure each property is listed at fair market value.

Before the marketing of your property begins, a licensed property manager will carry out a property inspection to help identify the most appropriate price point.


We will then use a variety of different media, including the web, local press, and social media to ensure your property is rented.


Tenant Screening

We conduct comprehensive screening of all potential tenants. This includes reference checks from current and previous employers as well as previous landlords. Tenants’ credit scores may also be verified


Entering into a Tenancy Agreement

As your Agent, we will enter into, and complete, a tenancy agreement on your behalf. Whenever possible, we will explain every term and condition of the tenancy as well as any other rules and bylaws imposed on the property, so the tenant is aware of responsibilities they have before signing.


Condition Inspection Report

Landlords and tenants are required to complete a Condition Inspection Report at the beginning and end of each tenancy. We conduct a very detailed condition inspection report which includes digital photographic evidence to back up all findings prior to each tenancy commencing. 


Rent Collection

We do everything we can to make paying rent easy. Each month you will receive a statement of income and expenditures and rental funds will be directly deposited into your account. We disperse payments the last day of the month following the rental period. For example, we disperse May rent, the last day June.


Routine Inspections

We are accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week to assist with any tenant or property emergency.  On top of this we conduct twice yearly property checks carrying out thorough visual inspections. This allows us to effectively note the condition of the property and advise or make suggestions for any upcoming maintenance needs to help with budgeting purposes. Being upfront with all our tenants about the frequency of inspections also helps discourage any illegal use of your property. We always act in a caring and unobtrusive manner when carrying out property inspections.


Tenant Disputes

We deal with all tenant disputes so you don’t have to. Any unacceptable behaviour by a tenant will be dealt with according to the rules within the Residential Tenancy Act (RTA).


Financial Reporting

We provide paperless accounting statements delivered straight to your email every month. Each report shows all financial transactions which took part over the statement period.


End of Tenancy

When a tenancy ends we will be on hand to help and and advise a tenant of their responsibilities for any utility accounts and cleaning requirements prior to their move out.

We will carry out a detailed move out condition inspection report and make any assessment of any damage which is beyond regular wear and tear. Security deposits which have been held in fully audited trust account will be adjusted and paid accordingly.

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